This is an episode we originally aired for Borderless. The topic is too important to let it gather dust. We hope you enjoy it! On this episode, Joel interviews Greg Sharzer, author of No Local. Localism is a political philosophy that posits small scale change, especially on a municipal or neighborhood level, can stop the worst aspects of capitalism. In this conversation, the two explore the philosophy, its problems, and thoughts on what to do.Read More →

Joel and Jeremiah made it back from a trip to Chicago and it left them with a lot of thoughts. They talk about settler-colonialism, DSA, and post-industrial possibilities. Part 2, where they discuss the Democratic presidential hopefuls will be out this weekend!Read More →

Joel & Jeremiah spoke with Jessica Newman of Detroit DSA about the Green New Deal, disrupting the auto prom, and more! If you’re thinking about attending their event this Friday, take a minute to hear about the history of Poletown, the layoffs, and demands of Detroit DSA and their partners.  If you can’t attend, be sure to read and sign their statement! Check out Detroit Green New Deal for more info! If you’re interested inRead More →

On this episode, Joel speaks with Ashik Siddique, a member of the DSA Ecosocialist Working Group and the Metro DC chapter. They discuss ecosocialism, degrowth, internationalism, and whether an environmentally oriented social democracy would be prudent given the timelines of climate change. If you’d like to learn more about the DSA’s Ecosocialist group, check them out here and on Twitter! If you enjoy our show, consider becoming a supporter at More →

Joel and Jeremiah chatted with Maximillian Alvarez about, well, a lot. From creeping fascism to building a home for the politically lost, the three carried on for a while. Among the topics, they discussed Maximillian’s podcast, Working People, his writing, and the importance of being good with each other so we can be dangerous together. As always, if you enjoy what we do, consider becoming a supporter. Campus Antifascist Network: Website Working People: Website |Read More →